Good Design works. Great design has results!

Design is a powerful branding tool and is one of the most significant sales tools to help promote your company. Great design will help your company stand out among the competition and will assist in increasing brand awareness.

Cre8iv Design Studio specializes in all areas of graphic design including:

• Developing new brands and identities
• Rejuvenate existing brands
• Annual reports
• Advertisements
• Brochures and Marketing Collateral
• Exhibition / Display / Signage Design
• Vectorize your existing Logo / artwork

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Turn a first impression into a lasting one.

Brand recognition starts with your identity, or otherwise known as “logo design”. Cre8iv Design can help you invent or reinvent your company’s image as well as manage and help build on it long term. Our team consists of an assortment of creative talent giving us the capacity to provide you with a befitting identity that will reach your audience.

A few logos that you can find around town that we have designed are:

• Rooms Come True
• Bay Roberts Hotel
• Myx Meeting Centre
• DoggieStylz Pet Grooming
• HealthyVibes Fitness & Wellness Studio
• Elizabeth Park Elementary School Crest

Browse through our portfolio to view some more logo designs.

Drawing – it’s how it all started.

While still in diapers, the Cre8iv team may have marked up a few walls with some Crayola crayons, but this just goes to show we were born to create. While most people think pencil and paper should be in a museum somewhere, we believe this is the foundation of our creativity. We still sketch, doodle and draw, but of course know how to utilize the power of computers to enhance the work we do even more.

When you really need to put that extra impact behind your material, illustration services can be utilized to make your product truly unique. From hand drawings, digital sketches, photo manipulation and abstract material, Cre8iv Design can give your project the illustration it needs.

What you need, when you need it.

Full color printing doesn’t have to be expensive anymore. With digital printing you can obtain full color prints that will help provide impact to your brand at a fraction of the cost of traditional offset printing. Cre8iv Design’s in-house digital printing services gives you the flexibility to order what you need, when you need it – saving you money by not having unused materials going to waste, and of course helping the environment along the way.

We can deliver your message through various forms of printed materials such as:

• Brochures & Flyers
• Business cards, Letterhead & Envelopes
• Greeting cards, Invitations & Menus
• Newsletters & Reports
• Postcards & Posters
• Rack Cards & Bookmarks

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Go Big or Go Home.

Need something to really stand out? Or a poster for an event? Cre8iv Design now offers large format printing services. With our 12-colour ink system you can expect exquisite photographic output, more expressive black tones, smooth colour gradations, and the capability to reproduce fine details. With an amazing selection of materials from satin and gloss papers to fine art, canvas and fabric, this superior quality is ideal for all types of large format projects from photographic reprints, custom designed posters, and pop-up banners.

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