In 2005, Cre8iv Design Studio was born to deliver high quality marketing solutions. The belief was that only larger companies and firms could afford this luxury, but the co-founders of Cre8iv Design had a vision to deliver design and print services to companies of any stature.  Our goal is to provide businesses and organizations, regardless of size, a straightforward and uncomplicated source for their marketing materials.

Whether you need a business card design or a corporate brochure, Cre8iv Design Studio provides the same level of expertise and dedication to each and every project, giving you exceptional service, top quality design and competitive pricing.


Tina Thistle

Tina Thistle | Co-Founder / Creative Director

I remember the stories of marking up the walls with crayons as a child – and not the washable ones you can buy these days! I guess this is where my love for art, color and design started. In 2000 after graduating from the Graphic Arts program from the College of the North Atlantic, I stepped right into a design position with a small design and print shop. Being the only designer there, I was responsible for all areas of design and printing as well as client relationships, which is where my entrepreneurial spark was ignited. Before venturing out on my own, I wanted to obtain as much information and experience as I could in all areas of design. A move to Halifax is where I worked as a designer in Signage, Screen Printing & Embroidery and then back to the Print Industry. In 2005, I moved back to Newfoundland and along with Sherrie, started Cre8iv Design Studio. I’m always learning and growing as a designer and enjoy the challenges of running a business. With a great crew here at Cre8iv, I enjoy coming to work – everyday always brings something new and exciting. 


Hometown: Paradise, NL
Hobbies: Photography & Movies
Favourite Food: Homemade Burger
Favourite Font: Myriad Pro
Favourite TV Show: Survivor!!!
Favourite Childhood Cartoon: The Smurfs

5 Things on My “To-Do” List:
1) Take a Cruise
2) Go Ziplining
3) See the Sphinx/Pyramids
4) Change someone else’s life
5) See the Bluest Waters

Sherrie Wilkins

Sherrie Wilkins | Co-Founder / Account Manager

Hard to believe, as it only seems like yesterday, that I now have close to 20 years now experience in the business world. Starting on the bottom floor of my family business upon graduation for Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1995, I learned how to run a successful business from the ground up. In 2005 a new opportunity came calling, so I decided to branch out and with my business partner, Tina, we co-founded Cre8iv Design Studio Inc. The goal was to establish a non-intimidating, one stop graphic design and printing shop for small and medium sized businesses – 8 years later we are still going strong! I have become accustomed to being the one person here at Cre8iv that doesn’t get excited about different fonts or Pantone colors, but hey I guess the Right Sided Brain people rule around here! When not at the office I can either be found watching my beloved Montreal Canadiens on TV, rockin out to the 80’s radio channel or playing fetch with my pups.


Hometown: Mount Pearl, NL
Hobbies: Watching my Habs!
Favourite Food: Plain Lays Chips!
Favourite Font: Huh?
Favourite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory
Favourite Childhood Cartoon: Barbapapa

5 Things on My “To-Do” List:
1) Write a book
2) Swim with the Dolphins
3) Go on a Cruise
4) Train Trip across Canada
5) Make a difference

Darren Howse

Darren Howse |  Graphic Designer

My love for art and graphic design started as early as I can remember. I recall trying to copy album cover art and logos and selling them to my friends for a quarter. The passion I had for art and design as a kid stayed with me throughout my adult years. It truly amazes me the new and innovative ways that our designers and creative people in general come up with fresh ideas to grab peoples attention. I have had 15 years graphic design experience ranging from the newspaper industry in England, the film industry in Halifax and the Oil and Gas industry in Calgary. I consider myself to be very lucky to have worked with a plethora of creative designers from all over the world and all walks of life, including the very talented team here. I think that this has been a great asset in my own design work.   


Hometown: Labrador City, NL
Hobbies: Running, Design & Watching Movies
Favourite Food: Sushi & Pizza – not Sushi Pizza
Favourite Font: Avenir
Favourite TV Show: Community
Favourite Childhood Cartoon: Captain Caveman

5 Things on My “To-Do” List:
1) Travel
2) Surf
3) Scuba Dive
4) Run a Marathon
5) Eat Healthier

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